meI have been most fortunate in life. I have skied in the Swiss Alps, hiked through a jungle in Papua New Guinea, watched the Changing of the Guard in London, wandered through vineyards along the Rhine River and through streets in Copenhagen, sipped wine in an outdoor Paris cafe¬†and guzzled beer at many a German festival. I have viewed the Grand Canyon, the Yukon River, Niagara Falls, and the Southern Cross. I have sailed in the Indian Ocean and snorkeled in pools created by Japanese during WWII in the Marshall Islands. I have visited Civil War battlefields from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I have seen the US President heads that were carved out of Mt. Rushmore and I have seen President Marcos’ head that was carved out of a mountain in Bagio, Philippines. I have eaten fresh pineapple in Hawaii and ox tail soup in Sweden. I have lived on beaches and bayous, in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, on a Minnesota farm, and in a German city. Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Johnston Atoll, Marshall Islands, Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean Territory, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada, and Mexico, I have had the privilege of traveling overseas and throughout North America. Along the way I served 5 years in the US Air Force, graduated college,married, divorced, and raised two wonderful sons. So many adventures along the way. In time I returned to Minnesota, where I was born and raised; in time I returned to my love of cycling.

In my opinion, there is little better in life than cycling, solitary cycling, cycling by rivers and exploring new trails. The love of my life is the Mississippi River and my favorite trails run along this river. It is my dream to one day cycle from the headwaters to the Gulf of  Mexico but until that day arrives I will continue to explore whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. One never knows what one will discover along the way.