Days Are Numbers, Watch the Stars


IMG_1199 (1)

One of my favorite Alan Parsons Project songs from the 80’s I suppose.  Another rainy, gloomy day so I’m reminiscing with pictures from last year.

“The traveler is always leaving town
He never has the time to turn around
And if the road he’s taken isn’t leading anywhere
He seems to be completely unaware”

I kind of like heading out with no particular destination in mind.


“The traveler is always leaving home
The only kind of life he’s ever known
When every moment seems to be
A race against the time
There’s always one more mountain left to climb”

Hills.  Minnesota just has hills and I find I love climbing them.  I have always been attracted to tough, sometimes to my own detriment.



“The traveler awaits the morning tide
He doesn’t know what’s on the other side
But something deep inside of him
Keeps telling him to go
He hasn’t found a reason to say no”

I’m not as adventurous as I was in younger years in that I cannot get myself to walk away from the security of a steady paycheck, but there still remains at least a spark of the old me! The lure of the unknown.


“Days are numbers, watch the stars
We can only see so far
Someday you’ll know where you are

Days are numbers, count the stars
We can only go so far
One day, you’ll know where you are”


I don’t know if I’ll ever care where I am so long as there is still somewhere else to go!  I suppose the day I actually know where I am will be the day I depart.




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