Another Gloomy Day in Paradise

20170413_170822 (2)

Is it too much to ask to have a couple days of sunshine this spring?  It feels like it has been gloomy since mid-January!  Enough!  I still went out for a ride after work yesterday but the gloom is getting to me.  The world is a better place with sunshine!


Coon Rapids Dam on the Mississippi

I rode from Maple Grove to the Coon Rapids Dam, mostly on the Rush Creek Trail.  The trail is mostly flat, but there are enough ups and downs plus a lot of curves to keep the ride interesting.  I enjoyed spending a few minutes at the dam listening to the water before returning to Maple Grove.  I didn’t cross the dam this time because there was a fair amount of mist and I was already cold.

20170413_181225 (2)

I had planned to ride straight back without any picture stops but then a couple turkeys crossed in front of me so I had to stop and watch them for awhile.  Tanked my average speed in the process but oh well, what is the point in being out in nature if I never stop to enjoy?


The last mile I shut off my phone app to let all that go and just pedaled along enjoying the sounds of birds singing.  The perfect ending for a ride, even on a gloomy day.



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