It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Rice Lake in Maple Grove, MN.  After work ride.

Finally!  Things are starting to green up and spring is definitely in the air!  This is the Minnesota I love!  Now I’m reading and thinking about what trails I want to ride today, tomorrow, or the next day, rather than in a few months or weeks; anticipating and planning is almost as much fun as the actual rides.

When I finish work for the day, there are now still enough hours of sunlight remaining for me to get in a comfortable ride if I choose. This year I’m planning to start pushing myself to do some late evening riding.  I have always timed my rides to be home before dark, but now I’m asking myself if this is always necessary.  Wouldn’t it be nice to pedal as the sun sets, to enjoy experiencing life as darkness descends?  I am such an addict, always wanting to add more triking hours to my life!

20170406_190234_001 (2)

I am discovering more trails close to work so at the end of a stressful work day I can just change clothes and ride away from the parking lot.  By the time I actually leave for home, all my work worries have receded and my mind is instead filled with the sights and sounds of the trails I’ve ridden.  Strange to think I worked in this location for almost ten years without realizing this incredible gift life had given me to enjoy.


Moments like this, when I am rolling downhill on a smooth trail by a bright blue lake as the descending sun turns the world to gold, are moments of pure happiness.  And I was enabled to live to experience this!



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