Lost Stars


Trying to find some happiness right now out on the trails.  “God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young.”  [Lost Stars, Adam Levine]

Now that I’m older I wish I’d known sooner what I have realized so late along the way.  When I stopped my trike along the trail yesterday I saw a beaver swimming by the edge of the lake.  I’d never seen a beaver in the wild before so it was fun to watch before it sensed my presence and dove out of sight. In life if you get one of these moments of pure enjoyment you are fortunate.


Chasing after a career, after money, after relationships?  More disappointment than not.  Being able to experience a moment of beauty in nature, a moment of tranquility?  Being able to pedal for miles and miles, seeing, hearing, smelling, all the things that usually escape our notice as we rush through life?  If you have these things, you have it all.


Hopefully soon the sun will finally come out again, the grass will green up, the trees will bud, the breeze will blow warm instead of cold, and happiness will be easier to find along the way.  After barely riding for the past couple of months I’m anxious to spend long hours pedaling without freezing every time I stop!  Then all the insanity of life can fall away to the rhythm of revolving wheels and pedals as the miles pass by. There is nothing better.


“Are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?”  Ha! We’re probably usually lost, but lost stars?  We flatter ourselves. So much time wasted trying to find some grand and glorious purpose to existing.  Most of us won’t accomplish one damn thing so best to just let it all go and pedal! “Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy?” That’s more like it.  It is all meaningless, so just go out and pedal.  Only then does life finally makes sense.  Screw work, screw money, screw people who think they have you trapped in whatever role they have decided you are required to fill. Pedal.  Leave it all behind. Instead of being a lost star, be a shooting star flying down a hill in absolute freedom!  If you crash along the way, so what?  You had that moment.


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