Reluctant Rider


Still one of my favorite views of downtown St. Paul, MN

I’m tired of brown. It was fun riding through the snow on cold days.  It required a certain toughness and gave me membership in that winter cycling club. Riding in brown?  Anyone can do that!  I don’t feel inspired to ride through such a drab world but I feel guilty if I let a day with temps close to 60 pass me by without at least pedaling a few miles.


A frozen stream coming from the bluffs above the Mississippi River

I decided to ride along the Mississippi River in Lilydale again.  It’s one of my favorite trails with nice views but usually not many cyclists. I was not in the mood for a serious ride, I just wanted to meander along and snap a few pictures along the way.


I can relate to this old tree that looks to have been beat up a bit but still hanging in there.

I’m still not ready to take out the ICE, too much winter debris around that could lead to a flat tire.  There was one part of the trail that was rough gravel which was great fun with the fat trike.  I need to find whole trails like that!


Houseboats are not really a thing here in the Cities which makes me wonder who owns these and how often they use them. I’ve never even been in a houseboat! I love the river, but I don’t think I’m tough enough to live on it!

IMG_1098 - Copy

Busy beavers?

Guess I’ll stick to living on land and pedaling trails. I’m glad I got out there, but right now I’m just tired; tired of brown, tired of everything.


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