What’s With the Mechanical Camel


This was an odd site along the way while cycling yesterday!  I wonder who designed it and why? How did it end up sitting by a bike trail in Minnesota?  Who knows.  I googled just in case there was something about it on the net, but didn’t find anything? Maybe it was someone’s hobby to old stuff and display it by the trail?

My father used to have old farm equipment sitting around in the weeds as well. Maybe it ended up with someone like the owner of this property?  Nice to find interesting views along the way, to remember other times, other places, other people.


It was another pleasant riding day so I decided to head further down the Mississippi and ride from Spring Lake Park Reserve to Hastings, MN on the Mississippi River Trail. There were a few decent climbs along the way, for Minnesota at least.  There was a headwind on the ride down but fortunately it did not change so I had an easy ride back. The trike got a few comments and have to admit, it is a pretty cool looking little machine.


My total cycling miles for the weekend did not even amount to what I would consider a very short ride on my ICE Adventure, but the Fat Tad is not a machine for burning up the miles so I don’t care.  I had a good time out exploring my world again and that is all that really matters. How many people were able to see something as weird as a mechanical camel this weekend?



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