It’s a Beautiful Day


U2 was playing on the radio as I was driving and provided me with a great song for pedaling!

Another February day of temperatures in the 60’s so the only question was where would I ride.  After pondering a few options, I decided to drive over to Kaposia Landing in South St. Paul and ride along the river. The last time I rode by the Mississippi was over a month ago and at that time the river was frozen solid.  Since this was my first year of riding through winter, I have no idea when the ice usually goes out on the river.  I also hadn’t been paying attention while driving so it was a pleasant surprise for me to see the river flowing freely once more. There was still some ice along the shore and some of the side channels were frozen, but I was so happy to see my beautiful river alive once more!


The ride down the levees south of Kaposia Landing is quite industrial but I like that. After a rural ride yesterday that seemed to drag on forever, it was nice to hear the sounds of trains and small airplanes overhead; it was nice to see boats on the river, traffic on the freeway, industry, activity. At one point on the trail there was an overwhelming smell of fresh apple pie, at another point the smell was of fermenting wood chips. At one point I rode past a gun club where I was serenaded with the sound of gunfire. The miles sped by without me even noticing!


I saw a number of ducks and geese along the river plus several deer crossing a side channel.  I need to start bringing my good cameras so I can capture such shots.  Sadly, the deer are tiny and blurry in my cell phone shot.



Much of the trail was dry, but there were quite a few large water puddles along the way.  The Fat Tad has good clearance though so I just rolled on through!  If I slowed down I could come through perfectly dry, but most of the time I sped up and kicked up a fair amount of water some of which ended up on me.  It was warm so I figured might as well have some fun!


Enter a caption

Looking forward to seeing barge traffic on the river again. In time, in time. Life goes by quickly enough as it is, no need to chomp at the bit for it to go faster! I would not be upset, however, if we have seen the last of winter!  I don’t want a repeat of 2014 when we had 8 inches of snow on my birthday in late April!  No matter how it all plays out this year, on this day I was blessed to be alive and pedaling by my river.


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