Slogging Through the Muck


Temperatures in the 60’s during a Minnesota February means there is no way I was sitting in the house on a day off from work.  I didn’t want to take the ICE Adventure out this early, however, too much melt and too much winter debris for me to feel comfortable on a low trike with small tires. I also didn’t want to take the SunSeeker Fat TAD on paved trails through the city so where to ride?  Unpaved trails through the mud, that’s where! I headed over to the Luce Trail out by Orono.


It didn’t end up being a particularly fun ride.  I hadn’t ridden in 3 weeks and it isn’t easy slogging through the muck like that.  Where the trail was still more frozen and solid I could pick up some speed, but those spots were few and far between. My legs were feeling it but even though I was wondering why I do things like this, there was still a part of me that knew at the end I would be pleased to have gotten in such a good leg workout.




There were still colors and sounds to enjoy.  Blue, yellow, red, white.  Birds singing, a creek bubbling, a small plane overhead. This is my life, even though the pedaling wasn’t easy or fun, this is how I live.

And on some level there is the enjoyment that comes from seeing those fat tires going round, knowing that I am free to slog through the muck on my fat trike if I choose.


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