Cycling on Borrowed Time


Lilydale Trail with an open railroad bridge

When I think of November skies I think of gray and flat, not sunshine and brilliant blue. To have such weather on a weekend in November is doubly wonderful!  Twin Citians hit the great outdoors and I joined them.

I decided to cycle down the Lilydale Trail, which was still closed due to construction about halfway through, so disappointing.  I doubled back, climbed up the bluffs and headed out on the River-to-River Greenway again. This time I found all the right turns so I could stay on the trail the whole way rather than riding on streets to connect the pieces or having to backtrack as I had done on my previous ride.


River-to-River Greenway heading down to Kaposia Landing. The roll down is fun but the climb up again is relentless.

Cycling in November means I feel no pressure since any miles I ride are icing on the cake by this point in time, cycling on borrowed time! I ended up with 31 miles that day with some longer climbs, for Minnesota at least. The legs might hate the climbs, but what a feeling of conquest when I reach the top! I don’t obsess about water on November rides but I have to pay closer attention to opportunities for bathroom breaks since trail facilities are pretty much all closed by this time of year.


Mississippi River – barges, trains, and planes

At Kaposia Landing I watched the railroad bridge open for barges to come through.  I waited as the bridge swung closed once more and a worker on the bridge checked, locked?  A small plane flew over and then two train engines crossed the bridge.  I’m an urban outdoors person, so I like the mix of nature with bridges, dams, machines, buildings, I like the sounds of whistles, horn blasts, plane engines, and even traffic. This past year I rode many miles of suburban and rural trails, but have to admit, my favorite rides had a mix of the industrial life as well.


The America I love

I’m ready for winter to end and am hoping for another long warm weather cycling season!



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