A Quest for Peace


Mississippi River barge just east of downtown St. Paul

After a tough week back in July, I set off with my trike on a quest to find some peace while pedaling along the Mississippi River. I love watching the barges and wondering, what are they carrying, where are they going, what is life like for the people working on them?  And the river, the river that just keeps flowing, oh the stories it can tell me if I listen.


Battle Creek Park, St. Paul, MN

Since I’d never done so before, I decided to ride through Battle Creek Park.  As I pedaled along I could hear the sound of creek so I stopped for awhile to listen. Is there anything more calming than sitting in silence by a creek?


Battle Creek Park, St. Paul, MN

The trail through Battle Creek gave me quite a workout.  It was constant climbing all the way through, but then I got to have the fun of rolling all the way down after ward!


St. Paul Skyline from Fish Hatchery Trail

I ended up riding 45 miles that day, but it was a make it up as you go along kind of ride. I decided to cross the river and ride through woods for awhile before returning to the river and eventually heading for home.


River-to-River Trail, Mendota Heights



Still one of my favorite views of downtown St. Paul.  From Lilydale Regional Park


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