Peaceful Easy Feeling


Lake Wobegon Trail heading away from the Recreational Soo Line Trail

Songs play through my head most of the time while I’m out riding. Usually a few songs repeat over and over, but sometimes they skip around. I don’t know what song was playing the day I took these pictures, but as I look at them now, I’m hearing the Eagles in my mind.


Not bad for an ill old gal! Mississippi River Dam south of Little Falls.

One weekend in September the weather was overcast with forecasts for rain and my stomach was queasy so I just wanted to stay home.  This is Minnesota, however, and since I know from experience winter could come as early as October I was unwilling to give up on a Minnesota weekend and headed out for a ride. I had rain gear so what’s the worst that could happen?


I decided to head up to Avon, MN and ride the Lake Wobegon Trail spur which connects to the Recreational Soo Line Trail.  Round trip was a 61 mile ride which fell into the 40-60 mile range I prefer. Having the trail pop out right by a large dam on the Mississippi River was the strangest feeling.  I felt like I was in the middle of no where, for the most part I cycled completely alone, and to all of the sudden be right by this industrial dam out there by itself left me with an eerie feeling.


Watching the Mississippi River flowing away as it has always done.

I enjoy riding with sullen skies now and then. They are much easier on the eyes and rather than being overwhelmed by bright colors, one becomes aware of the more subtle hues.


Enter a caption

Ah life, so fickle, so promising, so awful, so wonderful. Pedaling for the laughter, pedaling for the tears.


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