Purple Rain


The song running thought my head while cycling those first weeks following Prince’s death was “Purple Rain”. I was riding on the Minnesota River Bluffs in late April, a trail that runs through the suburbs but feels more like a country trail in places. All of the sudden I came out of the woods and there was a trail bridge in front of me all decked in purple.  At the time I didn’t know where I was exactly but figured I had to be close to Prince’s home in Chanhassen.  I was. One prominent summer cycling memory for 2016 is of that bridge decked in purple.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture!



On another April ride I was heading in to downtown Minneapolis on the North Cedar Trail when I heard “Purple Rain” coming from a bar on the other side of the tracks. It was spring in Minnesota and the outdoor tables were in use again. Prince’s song accompanied me as I pedaled along. It’s good to be alive in the spring.

I was never a big fan of Prince, but I did like some of his music.  Mostly what I liked, however, was that he was a famous Minnesotan who chose to stay in Minnesota. That made me feel good about my State. I get tired of people outside Minnesota acting as if no one would stay here if they could get away.  No, this is a good place to live. I feel quite fortunate to be able to call this place my home.




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