Something New!


Lake Minnetonka

I’ve never seen a ski plane in person before but while I was out triking today, there one was, right in front of my eyes!  I got to see it take off, but then it was out of sight.  I never know the things I will see when I’m out triking!  The world is an interesting place!


Lake Minnetonka

I didn’t chat with this fat biker as he was just a bit too far away, but I did exchange greetings with quite a few others on the trail. I’m finding winter fat bikers to be friendly folks.  For the most part they smile, wave, and comment on the Fat Tad being a great machine.  Maybe it has to do with the kind of person who enjoys wintering cycling? Fat biking?  I don’t know, but their friendliness adds a little extra enjoyment to these rides.


Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka

All in all another beautiful day to be out.  My legs sure got the workout though as the snow wasn’t packed hard on most of this trail.  It was fun riding through the snow, but it’s a lot harder than cruising along on a paved path in the summer.


Lake Minnetonka trail by Tonka Bay, MN






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