The Tale of Four Rides – One Long Weekend


Root River outside Lanesboro, MN

Friday: The forecast for Labor Day weekend called for rain so I decided I’d better get out there early on Friday while the sun was still shining.  Since the Root River Trail in Lanesboro came highly recommended I decided it was time to check it out. It was a scenic ride that went through several small towns. Part of the trail was closed so that was disappointing, but oh well, I’ll have something new to see the next time I’d down.


Cannon Falls, MN

Saturday: Still no rain so I headed down to Cannon Falls to ride the Cannon Valley Trail. I rode this a couple years ago on my road bike and found it uninteresting, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride on my trike.  With the trike my head is up and I can see all around, unlike with the bike where I mostly looked at the ground a few feet ahead. I notice little things like the light pattern through leaves, the variety of colors along the way, birds, squirrels, buildings,  if it is there I will see it while triking. The miles roll right along as I immerse myself in the sights and sounds of nature.


Minneopa Falls, South Route Trail, Mankato

Sunday: No rain again so I drove down to Mankato. I had heard there were good riding trails in Mankato so it was time to find out for myself. The ride included a fair amount of climbing; one hill took me almost 20 minutes to climb but man was it fun coming back down! There was not a lot of shade, the trails were not well marked, and there were few facilities along the way, but I had a good time anyway.  I would not want to ride these trails in the summer, however!


Brown’s Creek Trail outside Stillwater, MN

Monday: Overcast and looking like rain so I decided to take a quick run out to Stillwater on the Gateway and Brown’s Creek Trails. Brown’s Creek is one of my favorite trails! Rolling down into Stillwater I barely have to pedal for several miles and get to sit there rolling along in my little go cart!  It’s like being a kid again.  The climb back up is no big deal on a trike so I often turn around at the top and roll back down again because the fun is too much to resist!

Altogether for Labor Day weekend I rode about 180 miles and had a blast.  Life doesn’t get much better than that!


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