Mother’s Day 2016


Minnehaha Creek

Mother’s Day was one of the few days I went out for an early morning ride. I sort of like this picture, but not  Wish I had positioned the trike further to the left so that the flag wouldn’t cut through the bridge.  Maybe I’ll have a better eye the next time!


A nice thing about winter is being able to see nature come back to life in the spring. I’m glad I do not have allergies so that I’m able to go out and enjoy all the trees and flowers in bloom. The trails come back to life, too, as people enjoy being outdoors once more. One of the reasons I chose an early morning ride was to avoid most of them, however!

On Mother’s Day I prefer to lay low.  Mother’s Day for me is still about my own mother, may her memory be only for a blessing. My sons do not seem to get that they should do anything for me on this day so the day has never been about me.  Rather than think about loses or what will never be, it was better to get out there triking and enjoy a beautiful day.  Who needs flowers in a vase that will just die anyway, when they can be out among all the many beautiful blooms in nature?




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