Trusting My Instincts


Temperatures were in the teens on this December day and I planned to ride about 30 miles. When I stopped on the Sabo bridge, just 7 miles into my ride, I decided to turn around and go home. I don’t know why, I wasn’t particularly cold and wasn’t tired, it just came to my mind to turn around and head for home. About ten yards from home there was a loud noise as the rear derailleur snapped off and pedaling was no more. I pulled the trike over to my SUV and loaded it up to take to the bike shop. If I had ignored the impulse to turn around and instead continued on my 30 mile ride, I would have been 14 miles from home, stranded in the cold rather than being inside my warm house just a few minutes after the derailleur broke.


Last summer I was riding along on a somewhat isolated metro trail when I noticed something strange with another cyclist. Maybe he was just new to cycling, but he was acting strange. His bike was junk, his clothes were not usual for even a casual cyclist, he pedaled like mad and passed me, then shortly after I rode past him pulled over to the side of the path. This happened again and when I passed him the second time, I decided to get off that trail as soon as possible.  I kicked it into high gear and jumped off onto a trail that ran along a busy road. Maybe he was harmless, just another macho guy trying too hard to beat the old woman, but I got a bad vibe and got out of there. I ended up riding some new trails and meeting another woman out riding. We had a nice chat while enjoying snacks and cold drinks by a convenience store. Some months later I met her while out riding again. Missed the creepy guy and got to meet a nice woman.  Works for me!




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