2017 Goals or No Goals


Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park


In 2016 I really did not have any goals for my cycling season, other than to ride as many weeks as possible and maybe shoot for 3200 miles. I ended up riding from March-December and finishing the year at 5107 miles. New for me was riding in temperatures lower than the mid-30’s and eventually riding in snow as well. Now that I’ve shown myself I can pretty much do what I set my mind to doing, I’m thinking about what I might want to accomplish in 2017.

Will I just go where the wind blows, or more realistically, doesn’t blow? Stopping often to enjoy the views rather than racking up the miles?


Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

Will I chase Mississippi River views?


Mississippi River dam by the Soo Line Trail

Climb bluffs along the way?


Mississippi River by St. Paul. I enjoy the variety of transportation options in this one small area below the bluffs. There is a railroad, a highway, a biking path, a walking path, a river with a variety of boats and barges, and an airport on the other side.

Will I explore more unpaved trails?


Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park


Will I explore more of the 10,000 lakes?


Heartland Trail west of Walker, MN

Will I drop down to Iowa now and then?


Downtown Des Moines, Iowa

Most likely, all of the above plus a few more! The anticipation of adventures ahead brings a smile to my face. It may be barely above zero outside, but in my mind it is summer again and I am preparing for a weekend of riding who knows where.



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