Taking 2016 Out in Style


December 31, 2016 – was there any doubt I would finish the year with a trike ride?  I loaded the Fat Tad and took off for Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN. I had gone back and forth on where I would ride, if I would ride down to Chaska, if I would ride out to Lake Minnetonka, but then I thought about Medicine Lake and that was that. I had not ridden by this lake in months, even though it is one of my favorite locations. It was cold at first, with the wind blowing across the lake, but after a mile I felt fine.


It was peaceful riding along the Luce Line Trail west of the lake. There were just a few people out jogging and one other cyclist. The trike continued to get looks and comments and I feel privileged to be an ambassador for yet another Minnesota outdoor sporting option. What an amazing thing to have been able to experience the winter sights and sounds on this trail, to have the strength to get out there on a cold day.

In the winter I do not see a lot of wildlife out on the trails, but I do still see birds and have the stillness of the ride interrupted by a bird singing now and then. This ride was no different as I paused along the way to enjoy the song.


On my return ride, I heard water running and had to stop to investigate. This time of year most water is froze solid but in the distance I could see a cheerful little waterfall. It is the small things along the way that make it all worthwhile.


And no ride can be complete in Minnesota without crossing at least one bridge!  It was a great ending to a wonderful cycling year.







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