Winter Blue


Although the Fat Tad is red and I like how it looks, blue is my favorite color and if I could have gotten this trike in blue I would have a blue Fat Tad! I love blue skies, blue water, blue ice. In summer, the blues of nature can be beautiful, but in winter the blues can be stunning.

I’m not a huge fan of winter but I love the city where I live so I mostly tolerate winter for the sake of the rest of the year. This winter with the Fat Tad, I am able to do more than tolerate and for that I am glad. I would not have experienced all this wonderful blue today if not for my trike. Yes, there were people walking but there were so many icy patches I would have been afraid of falling if I had been walking. I would probably have missed much of the view as well as I concentrated on avoiding those ice patches.

With the trike I actually seek out the ice patches since it is fun to hear the tires crunching over the ice! I can stop for a minute now and then to drink in the winter views before I return to the confines of home once more.


In the summer this beach would be filled with people. We know in Minnesota that the good days do not last forever so we had better take advantage of them when we can! I’m trying now to learn to have that same attitude in the winter, to find the good days and enjoy them! Today was one of those days – just me surrounded by the blues of winter!






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