Young at Heart


Overlooking the Mississippi River from Ft. Snelling.

Got in a 9 mile ride on Saturday happily splashing through water puddles, slush and snow, with a few slides on the ice just to add to the fun!  The Fat Tad is quite the machine.  Yes, it’s harder to pedal and speed is not the name of the game, but a person has to smile riding this thing!  It’s like being a kid again. I was dropping down off curbs for fun, running through potholes, swerving to hit snow and slush. I’m hoping once I have the seat readjusted further back, I’ll have the traction to tackle whatever terrain I might find along the way. Then I’ll really have fun!


Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis

I have not yet seen another fat trike in Minneapolis, so likely this is still a novelty ride.  I definitely get attention when I’m out!  I do hope that my being out there will get other people who may have wanted to become winter cyclists but were afraid of falling to consider getting on a fat trike. This is Minnesota after all. We don’t let a little cold, snow, or ice keep us indoors for long!



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