Winter Triking Initiation


Yesterday the sun was shining and the temperature was close to 40 so it was time to get out on the Fat Tad. Riding the Fat Tad felt so different from riding the ICE Adventure. There were times along the way when I just wanted to be back spinning along on my comfortable ICE. I had to remind myself that the first time I took out the ICE I just wanted to be spinning along on my 2 wheel Domane. I seem to get attached to my rides after all the miles we spend together.


The Fat Tad was slow going, definitely not built for speed! It was a very comfortable ride with the full suspension, but I’m not sure if I like suspension or not. There is something about being able to feel a close connection to the road and I also wonder how much of my energy is being dissipated through the bouncing.


Once I made it through a couple miles, I started to feel more at ease. I’ll get the hang of this trike in time. I’m happy I will not be stuck indoors this winter but will instead be able to explore away while listening to the crunch of snow and ice beneath my tires.

Cycling just makes me happy.




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