Tough Enough


Medicine Lake, Plymouth MN

Why would I want to ride 51 miles on a cold and windy May day?  Why would two guys want to kite surf on the same day? Who knows? There is just something about pushing through the discomfort, something about that feeling at the end when you have once again proved to yourself that you are tough enough.

Man, that was a cold day. I stopped at the Freewheel Bike shop on the way out to buy some full fingered gloves because my hands were freezing. Although I love being by water I barely spent any time by the lake because the wind was so cold. I found a sheltered spot north of the lake to eat my lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The whole ride back all I could think of was stopping back at the bike shop for some coffee to warm me up for those last miles to home.  The thought of that hot coffee helped me pedal all those miles back across the Luce Line Trail, through Theodore Wirth, and back down around Cedar Lake to the Midtown Greenway. By the time I reached the shop, the sun was out and I wasn’t so cold anymore so I skipped the coffee.

Temperatures were in the 40’s that day, windchills probably in the 30’s. If I were riding in those temps today, I’d consider that to be warm! Plus I now have better cold weather riding gear. Now I don’t consider it a bit deal to ride in the teens, but am still a bit leery about riding in subzero. In time, in time. There is just something about showing myself to be tough enough.


Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis


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