The Potential for New Adventures


The new trike, SunSeeker Fat Tad, is home so I dream of being able to cycle through the winter, dream of the adventures I will have, the beauty I will experience along the way. I have to get used to the new trike, however, before I’ll be willing to venture far from home.

So far I’ve only ridden the SUN around the block. The new trike feels strange. The seat isn’t the same and sits higher, the pedals are at a higher angle so my leg muscles won’t be worked quite the same. This trike has full suspension, so I don’t feel the road, the steering is different, the mirrors are different. It’s not yet my trike.


I remember when I first started riding the ICE back in March. It felt strange, pedaling was weird, the steering felt awkward. It took a couple hundred miles before my ankles stopped hurting, before I figured out how to avoid hot feet, before it felt like my friend, before I started looking forward to the adventures we would have together. And then we ended up traveling thousands of miles together.

I’ll give the SUN the same chance to become my friend. I’ll start with the same short ride from home I did with the ICE and then we’ll go from there as I gain confidence. I find it somewhat amusing the the SUN will be my winter trike while the ICE will be my summer. I suppose their names capture my dreams for each season.

I wish I could have tried out the new ride this weekend but the first day it was too snowy and then it got so cold. I don’t yet know how to ride in the snow, just as I didn’t automatically know how to tackle hills when I first started triking. I’ll start learning when the snow is packed and not loose; the back tire seems a bit far back to get good traction in loose snow. I have the gear to ride in very cold weather, but I don’t want to try to become familiar with the new trike when the wind chill is deadly. I will wait for another day, and that’s the hard part. I’m nervous about riding a strange trike, but I’ve gone through this before. I just have to be patient.


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