December Rides


This year I was lucky in that I got to continue riding all the way into December with temperatures warm enough that I didn’t have to be concerned about safety. This weekend there was no riding. First there was snow and then there were temps well below zero.  I plan to ride through the winter, but I need to start slow and easy with packed snow and temps closer to zero. It’s hard to sit in the house though, after so many wonderful weekends of being out there cycling. I’m feeling quite depressed.


Hard to believe it was just two weekends ago when I rode along the Mississippi River to downtown St. Paul. The temperature was in the 20’s that day and the sun was shining. The grass was still green!


Such a beautiful river, the Mississippi. This trail along the river isn’t the smoothest or the widest, but it is quite beautiful. I hope to spend a lot of time on it next year with my camera.


Six days later, the temperatures had dropped another 10 degrees but I was still able to get in my last ride for the year on my ICE Adventure. I enjoy being out there pedaling and it is kind of fun cycling when there are very few others out there. I just like being able to accomplish what most people will not, or cannot. I saw a cycling meme the fits me well, “A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness.” Cycling helps me be a better person.

I’m mourning the end of my rides for the year. The ICE Adventure will be put away now until spring. Thank you for the miles, my friend. I miss you.



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