Little Crow


I think this is my favorite picture from last summer. That day I was riding the Luce Line Trail by the Crow River in Hutchinson, Minnesota. It was a beautiful day, a perfect day. I will ride that trail again, but when that happens I will spend more time in Hutchinson and not bother riding beyond that town. Beyond Hutchinson, the trail was crushed granite, a strange looking surface which does not make for easy pedaling. The granite part of the trail ran along a busy highway and was not at all scenic. There were also no places to stop for bathrooms or water, essentials for comfortable riding. It was just endless miles of me and grasshoppers! I hate that kind of pedaling, but when it’s over I always feel good that I met my goal for the day and accomplished something most people would not, could not, do.


The riverfront in Hutchinson had a statue of Little Crow looking over the river. I felt sad for his spirit, for his loss. I sensed his love for the river, the same love I shared. Life makes sense when I’m looking over a river and I’m happy to have been alive to experience that moment.


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