Closure of the Century


In September 2014, I rode my first century in Door County. I’m not sure why I decided I wanted to ride 100 miles, but I guess that’s the gold standard for cyclists, just like marathons are for runners, and I do like challenges. I trained all that summer and was so proud of my accomplishment! (Pretzel stick.)


Then came 2015 and the accident. I probably rode 100 miles total all year.

Adjusting to the trike took some time and at first it was quite discouraging. I couldn’t ride very fast, my feet and ankles hurt, hell, I felt proud of my first 16 mile ride! I kept plugging away though and in time started to find enjoyment in triking.

One hot day in June, temps and humidity in the 90’s, I decided to ride out to Stillwater, MN from Minneapolis, a round trip of  70 miles. I didn’t have much energy starting out so I thought maybe I’d just shoot for 30 miles and call it a day. As I went along it got easier though so I kept on pedaling. I added a side trip here, another one there; I was in no hurry to come home. When I did head for home, the sun was beating down on me and I decided to turn away from home for a few miles just to escape the sun. (Map made a good visor!)


After that detour, I was 10 miles from home and at 80 miles total. At this point there was no way I was interested in adding an extra 10 miles to my ride to hit 100 miles!  90 miles would be good enough! When I got to the final turn for home, however, I kept going straight. Before long I just needed to do another 5 miles and it was getting later in the day so the sun wasn’t as intense. I overshot home and got in those last miles. It really wasn’t that bad!

I had used Strava to track my ride since my bike computer broke weeks before. When I finished the Door County Century, I had taken a picture of my bike computer showing the 100 miles. Since I didn’t have a screenshot of Strava, I decided oh well, I’ll just post the old computer picture with an explanation. I pulled up the old picture and couldn’t believe what I saw. On September  7, 2013 I rode 100.2 miles and on June 18, 2016 Strava showed me having ridden 100.2 miles!

For me those matching numbers symbolized closure. I could still ride 100 miles if I chose, it’s just that now I would ride on three wheels rather than two. I don’t know if I will ever choose to do so again, however! That’s a long ride! I didn’t take any pictures that day, I just rode.


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